Bunch ‘O systems, none perfect, some worse than others

Sorry, I haven’t posted here in  a while, and I forgot how much I have written here, so maybe I ought to make a bigger investment.

I am not running Ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop and running Ubuntu 14.04 on a laptop that is a brick to lug around, I had live booted many linices on some other machines and have a Debian 7 and a Knoppix 7.2 install on a small legacy system, the latter not really setup to be installed permanently, but I have in the meantime settled into an area of interest that ties all these together and incidentally have seen Windows 7 and 8.1 and can see the possibility that finally Microsoft is ready to lose its dominance in the personal computer world, only if Apple would now offer a cheap Macintosh, one half as expensive as it is currently, then Mac OSX or BSD Unix could finally put the nail in the coffin of Windows and Microsoft.

The trouble is that Linux is still not as easy for the average Windows user to use, whereas Mac OSX is. It has nothing to do with the complexity of UNIX. It has to do with Apple’s control of its platform and the ability to hide the underlying complexity under tested install and application support. Linux distros cannot claim this ability to assure that the configuration is well controlled so that the application installs and is known to work.

The common environment I compare between them is the ipython notebook. Not only does the Ubuntu repo have really old versions  but bugs keep creeping into its tools because of configuration errors. On U. 12.04 help doesn’t work on Python 2.7, and although it does on U. 14.04 the Debian documentation reference doesn’t work as dwww because the apache2 config is out of sync with the upstream repros. This kind of stuff, requiring UNIX admin skills to fix, cannot be tolerated in a Windows killer. That is where but for the cost of its hardware Apple could become a Windows Killer with UNIX, but where it has proven the configuration before it ships.

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One Response to Bunch ‘O systems, none perfect, some worse than others

  1. brucesalem says:

    I meant that I AM running U. 12.04 on my desktop……

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