Installed WordPress on my private loopback site.

I had not been as active here as I  might be, but I happened to find a tar-ball I had downloaded of WordPress for a personal site. I run a web server even though it doesn’t face the Internet. It uses the loopback address and I can use it as a sandbox without worry, so I installed WordPress there. I had tried drupal but got into some Catch-22 with MySql and that problem still presists. I got into that server just once, created one blog post and a reply and logged out and have never gotten back in. I could look at the database from the shell command for Mysql, so it is probably some wierdness in the settings.php file that my poor eyesight hasn’t picked up.

But I got WordPress up and running, no problem. It built the database, fine. I did find out from mysql-workbench that you set the account limits to zeros to disable them, which is conterintuitive, but when I saw that all of the system accounts that use the database had zero values, I decided to go with that, It worked. I was able to look at the WordPress tables in the MySql database from the shell confirming that the data got written.

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