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Ubuntu 10.10 and VirtualBox 3.8 Woes

This all started because I wanted to drive a virtual Ubuntu 10.10 with Dupral 7 configured properly with the PhP and MySQL backend to begin playing with the CMS and website tools. This is along the lines of trying something … Continue reading

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What Blog Designers could learn from e-Mail and USENET

Or why Blogging is Bad! This post continues on from the last one in which I criticized Face Book (FB) for its poor User Interface (UI) design and here I want to elaborate on what a good UI might be … Continue reading

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There’s a Cloud Over FaceBook

Not Talking about Face Book’s Market Position And I’m not talking about the stock price, market cap, or business model. Who knows, if you have a diversified investment portfolio, like a 401K plan, you probably are invested in Face Book … Continue reading

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Maybe I can get some star photos too

I just got a new digital camera. One that is mid priced but possibly the sensor is fast enough to do low light shots. Is is an Olympus E-PL-1 with a CCD that is 4X larger than the usual point … Continue reading

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The first law o…

The first law of blogging is “Keep it up! Post frequently, have lots to say’” I have broken that law, as long as I do that my blog is doomed.

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